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Eligibility: Admission to the first semester of BCA degree course shall be open to a person who has passed senior secondary examination conducted by a recognized Board/Council/University securing at least 50% marks in aggregate.

Program Duration: 3 Years

Total Number of Seats: 40

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# Semester 1
1 BCA-16-101 English (Compulsory) A
2 BCA-16-102 Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics
3 BCA-16-103 Computer Fundamentals & Computing Software
4 BCA-16-104 Problem Solving Through C
5 BCA-16-105 Lab Based on BCA-16-103
6 BCA-16-106 Lab Based on BCA-16-104
# Semester 2
1 BCA-16-201 English (Compulsory) B
2 BCA-16-202 Computer Organization
3 BCA-16-203 Fundamentals of Web Programming
4 BCA-16-204 Object Oriented programming Using C++
5 BCA-16-205 Lab Based on BCA-16-203
6 BCA-16-206 Lab Based on BCA-16-204
# Semester 3
1 BCA-16-301/302 Punjabi-A/His, & Culture of Punjab - A
2 BCA-16-303 information system design and implementation
3 BCA-16-304 Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
4 BCA-16-305 Data Structures
5 BCA-16-306 Lab Based on BCA-16-304
6 BCA-16-307 Lab Based on BCA-16-305
# Semester 4
1 BCA-16-401/402 Punjabi-B/His, & Culture of Punjab - B
2 BCA-16-403 Software Project Management
3 BCA-16-404 Operating System Concepts and Linux
4 BCA-16-405 Database Management System
5 BCA-16-406 Lab Based on BCA-16-404
6 BCA-16-407 Lab Based on BCA-16-405
# Semester 5
1 BCA-16-501 Computer Networks
2 BCA-16-502 Discrete mathematical Structure
3 BCA-16-503 Java Programming
4 BCA-16-504 Web Application Development Using PHP
5 BCA-16-505 Lab Based on BCA-16-503
6 BCA-16-506 Lab Based on BCA-16-504
# Semester 6
1 BCA-16-601 E-Commerce
2 BCA-16-602 Application Development Using VB .Net
3 BCA-16-603 Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications
4 BCA-16-604 Lab Based on BCA-16-603
5 BCA-16-605 Major Project and Seminar